The New Pact on Migration

The New Pact on Migration ends the individual right to asylum in the EU and will cost more lives at sea

Hardly any chance to find boats missing in the Atlantic – nevertheless we are looking for

Between the MARWA and the many other reported positions of the boats

Drohnenstart von der Marwa aus

Drone deployment in vast search area

For 1.5 years now, we also have support from Search-Wing. A student project from Augsburg, which is dedicated to the development of special drones and corresponding software for sea rescue.

Das Schiff Marwa von Mission Lifeline im Atlantik

Deadly Escape Route Atlantic and What We Do There

What the Mediterranean Sea is in the north, the Atlantic Ocean is in the west of Africa.

Behind the Headlines – Valentina and Mikola

Valentina and Mikola. With them you feel welcome as with your own grandparents.

Behind the Headlines – Hanna from Khakovka

We met Hanna Sadova for the first time on October 20, 2022.

Mission Lifeline Werft crew der Rise Above

Final Touch For RISE ABOVE

As every year, the winter shipyard was scheduled.

Not out of sight, not out of mind

A project with пліч-о-пліч, Odesa

Where to go? – About our hub

A project with пліч-о-пліч, Odesa

Mission Lifeline Mitarbeiter bei der Lebensmittel Lieferung

Старички – About strong people in wartime

Invisible suffering, desperate power

Suddenly everything turns dark. So what?

Grocery shopping in Odesa

Reloading – and an interruption

Mission Lifeline does not give up

Hilfslieferung werden von Mission Lifeline Mitarbeiter*innen in der Ukraine ausgeladen

1.2 TONS, 1,836 KM, 3 DAYS

Mission Lifeline does not give up

MISSION LIFELINE – New IDP shelter in Odesa

Millions of people have been displaced from their homes by the war. From the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions alone, tens of thousands now live in Odessa.

MISSION LIFELINE – Close to the people in Odessa

The news from the war in Ukraine mostly forget about the people who have to live there under the terrible circumstances.

Rise bove mit Geretteten an Bord

Finally! RISE ABOVE has docked

This morning we were finally allowed to enter Reggio Calabria

Still no Safe Harbour for the RISE ABOVE

Unacceptable situation for people on board


Come aboard MISSION LIFELINE as a Technical Project Management

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