MISSION LIFELINE – New IDP shelter in Odesa

MISSION LIFELINE – New IDP shelter in Odesa

19. November 2022

Millions of people have been displaced from their homes by the war. From the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions alone, tens of thousands now live in Odessa.

They are safe, but need to be housed and supported in a dignified way. MISSION LIFELINE has supported many evacuation transports so far and also made them possible. Fuel is expensive, protective equipment is needed, vehicles are scarce. This is where we can help and have done so many times. Evacuations will have to continue, large parts are still occupied.

But we do not limit ourselves to that. Now they all need a decent accommodation. That is why we have financed rooms for 100 people in a hotel in the center of Odessa. There, especially women and children should get a safe roof over their heads. The house has a shelter, of course, as the air raids by Russia continue. But there are also rooms to meet or where children can play.

MISSION LIFELINE will organize and take care of the food supply in addition to rent and utilities. Through our Ukrainian partners, a variety of support offers will be made. The teamwork in Odessa is a real pleasure!
We want all people to be able to return to their homes as soon as possible. But until that happens, their stay should be made as humane and pleasant as possible. That is our goal.
Despite all the Russian attacks, regardless of the power cuts – no one in Ukraine will give up. We stand firmly by their side. Together we will get through this winter, and much more!
Since we also finance this project solely from donations, we ask very much for your support!

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