Lifeline-Crew im Einsatz auf offener See. Im Hintergrund links das Schiff Lifeline, in der Mitte ein Boot mit geretteten Menschen. Im Vordergrund zwei Lifeline-Crewmitglieder in der Nahaufnahme, die Rettungswesten und Helme tragen

About us

About us

Almost daily, refugees drown while trying to sail to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Although these people have a legal right to protection and to have their claim reviewed, the European Union blocks their way. The EU will go to any length to hold people who are on the run – even at the cost of human lives. This is inhuman, and we can not accept it!

Rescuing people in distress is not just a command of humanity, it is a duty anchored in the international law of the sea. With its inhumane policy, the EU has digressed from this consensus and created a “border” in the Mediterranean Sea, where thousands have lost their lives. In order to save people in distress, we founded MISSION LIFELINE in 2016 and have since saved more than one thousand people from drowning, by bringing them aboard our ship LIFELINE.

In the summer of 2018, LIFELINE was confiscated by the Maltese authorities and their captain Claus-Peter Reisch was brought to trial. But we will not give up. We continue to cooperate with other aid and rescue organizations, and even without our ship, we were successful in setting up new rescue missions. As long as people flee across the Mediterranean, we will do everything we can to save their lives.

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You can find our by-laws here.

Axel Steier – Founder and Speaker of MISSION LIFELINE

To save people in distress at sea, the paramedic Axel Steier founded MISSION LIFELINE. The studied sociologist from Dresden started in autumn 2015 together with friends* to care for people on the Balkan route and to support them in their distress. At regular intervals, the committed Dresden women first travelled to Serbia and then to Greece, where they distributed donations and food. After the EU states had closed the Balkan route in March 2016 and the people had begun in their desperation to take the dangerous route across the Mediterranean, Axel Steier founded the association MISSION LIFELINE together with Sascha Pietsch. Today he is chairman and spokesman of the association.

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