MISSION LIFELINE – Close to the people in Odessa

MISSION LIFELINE – Close to the people in Odessa.

17. November 2022

The news from the war in Ukraine mostly forget about the people who have to live there under the terrible circumstances.

They have lost their homes, fear for their relatives, struggle with cold and power cuts. Old and disabled people are particularly hard hit, as are children who are unable to care for themselves. The situation for them is very hard. They have to get by with very little money, which is often barely enough for essential medicines. Due to physical limitations, most of them are not able to take care of getting food by themselves. There are distribution points for aid packages, but they cannot reach them.
MISSION LIFELINE has therefore decided to stand by these people. We do this in many ways. A German-Ukrainian team provides up to 50 people with fresh food and hygiene articles every week. We bring these things to people’s homes, so there is also time for a chat and a cup of tea. We learn about the escape from the occupied territories, hear very personal stories. They move us every time anew.

For example, the team meets a very elderly man who lived through World War II and now, displaced by this terrible war, is in need of help. We meet elderly ladies who have serious health problems and yet do not complain. We meet people with disabilities who had it hard enough without the current situation and now suffer especially.

Thanks to attentive, helpful people here at home, we will soon be able to bring a larger quantity of wheelchairs and mobility aids to Odessa. We will also, in addition to providing food, get warm blankets – and sometimes just a knitting kit or a puzzle book. Life is more than just eating and sleeping!
We continue to need the support of donations. Then we can continue to increase the number of people we serve. Thank you so much for this!

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