Behind the Headlines – Hanna from Khakovka

Behind the Headlines – Hanna from Khakovka

We met Hanna Sadova for the first time on October 20, 2022. That was on our very first tour with the team. She was our first address. She is a very fun-loving person. Her two daughters take care of her. The whole family is very friendly Hanna is always very happy when we come by. to see us. She awaits us and tells stories about her life.

They come from Kakhovka in the still occupied part of Kherson Oblast. When she had to leave her house, she took only the most necessary things with her. She thought she would be able to return in 10 days. Unfortunately, it did not happen that way.

Hanna took the letters of her husband written when they were young; he is no longer alive. They had met at a summer camp while dancing and then wrote to each other over a long period of time. These letters mean everything to her.

She writes poems, one of which she dedicated to us. She also loves to read and do handicrafts. Because of her arthritis and leg ulcers, she does her exercises every day. That’s also why she doesn’t leave the house during the whole winter.

Hanna is also a child of war. On February 5, she celebrated her 88th birthday. Born in 1935, she can still remember well the horrors of that war. It is terrible that she has to experience this again now.

We don’t know what happened to her house. She still hopes to be able to return there.

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