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The New Pact on Migration

The New Pact on Migration ends the individual right to asylum in the EU and will cost more lives at sea

Das Schiff Marwa von Mission Lifeline im Atlantik

Deadly Escape Route Atlantic and What We Do There

What the Mediterranean Sea is in the north, the Atlantic Ocean is in the west of Africa.

Rise bove mit Geretteten an Bord

Finally! RISE ABOVE has docked

This morning we were finally allowed to enter Reggio Calabria

Still no Safe Harbour for the RISE ABOVE

Unacceptable situation for people on board

Help for people fleeing Ukraine

We have decided to organize small convoys to the Slovak-Ukrainian border. There we will support persons who try to leave the crisis area and go to Germany. Join us in this effort!

Rescued In Safe Harbor After Days Of Waiting

After the rescue ship RISE ABOVE of MISSION LIFELINE e.V. rescued 66 people from a shipwreck in the Maltese SAR zone on December 16 at 18:33, the Italian authorities assigned Porto Empedocle on Sicily as a safe port after 3 days.

EU Asylum Pact: Sea rescue is important? Monitoring and restrictions are more

Our statement on the position paper published Sept 23, 2020

Treating the symptoms of Moria

Europe’s neglected disease

Workings on the Rise Above continue

The long, corona-related wait is over.

“These conditions meet the requirements of torture.”

The quarantine sites in the North of Lesvos

Germany suspends humanitarian refugee resettlement

As media reports today, Germany is suspending humanitarian refugee resettlements.


Where there´s a will, there´s a way


Evacuation charter flight from Lesbos to Berlin now financially secured.

Claus Peter Reisch mit Crew vor Eleonore

Claus-Peter Reisch left MISSION LIFELINE

The cumulative effect of failed European solidarity, and by extension, Malta’s national reception capacity, is enough to take a damaging toll on even the most robust of us.

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