Claus-Peter Reisch left MISSION LIFELINE

Claus-Peter Reisch left MISSION LIFELINE

MISSION LIFELINE will set sail again this spring and save people from drowning. More than 1,200 people fell victim to the EU’s closed borders policy last year. We cannot and will not accept this! We will continue to be active.

Currently, we are preparing our new ship, Rise Above, for her first mission. For this, as well as future missions, we are looking for captains, navigators, ship engineers and officers to join us.

Claus-Peter Reisch, who was MISSION LIFELINE’S captain on board LIFELINE and Eleonore, was recently acquitted in his trial in Malta. This is fantastic news. He will not be part of the crew on the upcoming rescue missions; we are going our separate ways. We wish him all the best for his future missions and thank him for his commitment. Claus-Peter is now responsible for the content on his social media profiles, which were previously managed by MISSION LIFELINE.

We will of course continue to support Claus-Peter with his current lawsuit in Italy with all our might. We have already managed to raise 206,000 Euros in aid of penalties. In addition, we have borne all legal and travel expenses so far and will continue to do so!

At the same time, we would also like to thank all of our past, present and future donors and supporters. You alone have made it possible for us to set sail for a new rescue mission in the spring. #searchandrescue #solidarity #lifeline #searescueisnotacrime #RiseAbove

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