Germany suspends humanitarian refugee resettlement

Germany suspends humanitarian refugee resettlement

March 18, 2020

As media reports today, Germany is suspending humanitarian refugee resettlements.

We, Mission Lifeline, are extremely critical of these actions, we see the lessons from World War II in danger.
Achievements such as the Geneva Refugee Convention cannot and must not simply be thrown overboard.
The right to seek protection and to live with dignity is the fundamental right of every person whose life is in danger.
European countries must grant access to international protection, not only from a humanitarian perspective, but also because they are legally obliged to do so.

We demand:

  • The immediate withdrawal of this inhuman regulation.
  • Human rights and the Geneva Refugee Convention must be recognized.
  • The rule of law at the EU’s external borders must be restored immediately.
  • All refugees from the hotspots at the EU’s outside borders must be evacuated immediately.
  • Our requested take-off and landing permit for the evacuation flight from Lesbos to Berlin must be approved immediately.

“This is unprecedented, completely inappropriate and unacceptable. In Germany we can still take in many people today, despite the Corona crisis.
Nationalist and racist politics are promoted here at the expense of the weakest. ”

Axel Steier criticizes the actions of the German government

“As feared, many right-wing populists and right-wing extremists use the corona crisis for their inhumane policies. This policy kills people every day. This clearly violates all human rights”, said David Pichler in a first reaction to the events.

We will immediately contact governments of countries still respecting human rights. Corona is not an alibi for inhumanity!

foto: Lars Hermes

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