What´s up on Rise Above?

What´s up on Rise Above?

March 27, 2020

After 4 weeks in dry-dock we are back to the water.

The time was stressful, exciting and successful at the same time.
Many volunteers have put the RISE ABOVE through its paces in dry-dock. We removed drive shaft and propeller and had it overhauled. The attached stuffing box, which seals the ship to the water, has been replaced.
Shipwright Ela repaired existing damages to the exterior shell.
Storm and rain slowed down progress in jobs such as derusting, grinding, coating and painting, which are preferably done in dry weather.

A total of around 40 volunteers, such as welders, shipwrights, engineers, cooks, electricians and many more, worked at RISE ABOVE during the past weeks. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support. You are just great!

What is happening aboard?

The hospital is completed, a new water tank is installed and a seawater desalination plant and an additional four-ton diesel tank are being installed.
Our machine operators overhaul the main engine by replacing filters, readjusting valves and renewing cylinder head gaskets.
In order to steer safely over the Mediterranean we finally install the new navigation technology and a radar.


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