MISSION LIFELINE ready for Airlift

MISSION LIFELINE ready for Airlift

March 30, 2020

German NGO MISSION LIFELINE is expanding its plan to evacuate refugees
from Greece and is now preparing for an airlift between Lesbos and Berlin. In
doing so, the organization from Dresden is responding to the announcement by Berlin

Senator of Justice Dirk Behrendt that up to 1,500 people from Lesvos shall be
evacuated to Berlin, in case the Federal Government will not decide to accept
them, within a very short period of time.

Axel Steier: “We must now deal with the approaching catastrophe with all power
we have. It is therefore inevitable that government and civil society jointly master
this mammoth task. Berlin proves itself once again to be a city with a heart!”

MISSION LIFELINE has already raised € 55,000 for an evacuation flight. The
necessary funds were collected early March within only four days.

Axel Steier: “We are now building an airlift with the help of civil society, which we continue to ask for donations. The Berlin Airlift in 1948/1949 saved the western part of the city. Now the united city, together with many citizens all over Germany, is saving the people from the misery. It is a true sign of democracy and humanity!”

MISSION LIFELINE has already conducted contract negotiations with an
airline service provider and is able to act quickly.

Axel Steier: “We will continue to collect donations for flights. Every Euro
and therefore every plane will save lives.”

UPDATE: Second flight financing accomplished!

Axel Steier, co-founder of Mission Lifeline: “It is now time to get ready to stabilize the airlift, so that we shall save as many people as any possible. To achieve this goal, we keep collecting donations.”


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