May 20, 2022

One day after the start of the war in Ukraine, on 25.02.2022, our first aid convoy started with 5 vehicles towards the Slovakian-Ukrainian border to support people on their way fleeing terror and violence. In the following days and weeks, we established our location at the border crossing in Slovakia and later in Poland. In 20 convoys and many buses we were able to accompany more than 5000 people on their way to safety. All this was only possible due to the great commitment of our volunteers who accompanied people in their vehicles in the convoys and worked on the ground with translations, logistics, documentation and tireless efforts day and night. The huge wave of solidarity from people in Germany was overwhelming.

So many people who travelled with their own vehicles to support, or who took in refugees at their homes and accompanied them through the first difficult weeks. And so many who make our work possible with their donations! Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks to all those who have supported our idea so warmly.

Menschen auf der Flucht brauchen Solidarität.
Als Fördermitglied könnt Ihr uns dauerhaft unterstützen.

Jetzt Fördermitglied werden!