Report to Deutsche Welle

Report to Deutsche Welle

Dezember 20, 2021

After days and months, I want to provide a report of the circumstances which I and all of us are living in. In order to review the current situation, I left home and decided to enter into the higher level of life.

Captivated inside visible and invisible cages, with a close-minded, silent, and gloomy emotional state and face, I passed my neighborhood and entered the streets of Kabul. Walking through the streets, I couldn’t capture an image of life, or record the sound of the beating heart of life.

It is a simple, self-evident, yet great fact that I, my society and country, are all captivated physically, emotionally and mentally by a force which we do not have any personal understanding or experience of.
The self-evident physical difference is that the atmosphere is more paternal, clothes are more “traditional”, faces are more covered (with beard, veil, or medical masks), and about 99 percent of the faces express real-life images of material, emotional and psychological hunger and desperation!

Thus, I am not capable to explain and picture what has been hidden behind the faces! Since I am incapable of expressing the image of our society, city and the current circumstances of life, so let me explain myself:

As I currently am, and am writing, I do not have anything such as personal, emotional, intellectual, or even moral, life. And I do not have any idea of “Me”! But time and then, I have been the convict and the judge, and have asked myself: during these four months, has anyone shoved a blade through my neck? Has anyone chained my hands and feet, or my mind and thought? Have I been subjected to whiplash and physical punishment???…

But who can be the Super-human that tries to test the tolerance and fury of the Taliban? It is a matter of fact that the society has been suppressed and enchanted, and it breathes in this state.

It has been a while that the society has been hypnotized. This self-hypnotism process had started many years ago, and now the society, as a chained and tied body, is a land left for the implementation of traditions and dictates which are separated from the heartbeat of time and life!

In such an atmosphere of suffocation and censorship, probably many members of this hypnotized society have taken the role of volunteer, undercover soldiers of the Taliban, and »human« is in danger: here and now!!! Therefore, writing report means death.

Thus, in the current stalemate situation, it is hard to believe any report or narrative of any event or occurrence- however trivial and simple it might be- to be complete and realistic. Actually, the entire world has no understanding of what happened and is happening in Afghanistan. (at least the events of 15th October 2021 indicate that.)
Therefore, as long as the religious soldiers are ruling, the society and even the world will remain blind, deaf, and mute!

I -as a lover of individual freedom and privacy- wonder how we, as conscious humans, having personal privacy and individual freedom, are still breathing in such circumstances!

We are defeated. The society and country are defeated. The region and the world are defeated. And more precisely, the signs indicate that the world, for the fear they have, will start intercourse with the Taliban and their administration (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) and each of them will be trying to subject their opponents to the sharp edge of the blade! Countries- even those who were feeding and supporting the Taliban strategically- are now in a situation that compels them to secretly and reluctantly continue their intercourse with the Taliban, with fear. And will be trying to establish diplomatic relations with the Taliban, for their own stability and peace, and maybe for the interests and golden opportunities that they see in the resources and strategic location of Afghanistan. Specifically, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is trying hard to gain diplomatic credibility for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

Given the development of the collective human wisdom and knowledge, any other challenge may not have the capacity to destroy world peace; however, a war that has its roots down in such complexes and conservative religious narratives, that according to their ideology, all human knowledge and wisdom is trash, may be the threat that lurks beneath our beds and whispers from under the pillows of each of us! And the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan- as the only government that enacts military Jihad (crusade) as the substratum of their political, social, and strategic plans- will keep emerging as the source and origin of endless wars, which’s control none of the countries of the region, nor any current or emerging superpowers will hold; even countries such as Russia, China and India will not be able to remain untouched by its dangers and have permanent peace and stability.

In such a situation that there isn’t any motivation to start a national movement and military war inside the country, nor is the world in a situation to support such movements, the easy solution and one that guarantees the peace and stability of Afghanistan, region and the world might be the disarmament of the country, establishment of a neutral position, and accepting Afghanistan as the transparent and equal intervention of the region and the world for the extraction, reproduction and use of its strategic and material interests and geopolitical location. To realize this goal requires the countries of the world to be aware of their long-term interests and reach a real, actual agreement on Afghanistan.

Given the fact that the religious army of Taliban, in the second period of their presence and emergence- since twenty years- took on a manner of activity that created the new image of them in the collective psyche of the Afghan society. »Suicide attacks, bombings, and terror« is the common, furious and ireful image of the Taliban that dominates our individual and collective psyche. Now, that my generation has gone to a historical sleep and unconsciousness due to the mental and psychic burden of this image, and are compelled to owe their hard live which are on the edge of poverty, to the Islamic Emirate. And maybe, after many times of suppression and depredation of their material and spiritual lives, they will turn to awareness, which will make them to raise their strong voice together for (life, freedom, and well-being).

But I, as a citizen of the world-home, need air, space, life and freedom. I need personal and individual thought and experience… but the existing atmosphere strictly oppresses thought distinction and individual freedom, and will oppress harder, more and more, day by day! So I should either die, remain a mental, emotional and psychological captive, or the free world, and the countries and organizations that support freedom of thought and belief, have a responsibility!

There is no doubt that the voice of freedom and distinction of thought still has many supporters. They can rescue the »human« of this land captivated by ossified beliefs and ideas!

In short, it took around four months for me to start writing such a report, memory and remark; it is a matter of probability if, or not, I will have such an opportunity of writing »tomorrow« or the day after!

Question: how to write an integrated, unified and understandable report for the society and the world, with a being divided into body, mind, emotion and psyche?!

We- humans, with the invisible chains of hypnotism that entangles the warp and woof of the society, live every moment in four cages: physical body and face (covered with beard, hat, and veils), emotion (blinded, deafened, and muted), mind suppressed under fear and discipline (one book, one teacher) and an enchanted psyche which is in eternal sleep, and even if awakened and activated in subconscious states such as sleep and imagination, must be suppressed with repentance and in a masochistic way.

It is necessary that either the countries and organizations that support human freedom start working to get us evacuated, or we shall become »super-humans«: it might be possible; but in »a rebirth«!!!

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