Learning in Moria

Learning in Moria

May 30, 2020

There is a school in the camp, which is built and operated by the refugees themselves. In the last few days, we spent a lot of time there. We were allowed to watch the lessons and had the opportunity to talk to apprentices and students. We will report about it here.
The school has 500 students: 350 children and 150 adults. So far, English and painting lessons are offered. All teachers are volunteers from the camp. The school was opened on April 21 as a private initiative and was originally intended for 40 students. The construction took 2 weeks. It was pre-financed from private funds and carried out by camp residents. The Tolou association was founded to take care of the financing, because there were more than 600 applications. Due to capacity reasons, only 500 students could be accepted. The school syllabus will be further expanded. Today, there was a meeting with a woman from Algeria, who wants to teach philosophy in French. It should start in the next days. First aid courses, martial arts, swimming lessons and self-defence courses for women are also planned. The focus is still on the self-organisation of fugitives.

Photos: Tessa Kraan

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