Cast off

Cast off

July 16, 2022

Sea rescue, that is what MISSION LIFELINE was founded for. This is what we built our ship for. Last year, it helped save more than 900 people from drowning. And also this summer and autumn the RISE ABOVE will be at sea in the central Mediterranean – from now on.

Long months of shipyard work lie behind us. During this time, the shipyard crew has put the bottom to the top in order to eliminate even the last technical quirk. The boat builders in particular have been hard at work. The result is a renewed ship, both inside and out. Great work!

At the end of June, the RISE ABOVE was transferred from Spain to Sicily. And it is from there that she is now sailing. There, as always, extensive training took place for the mission crew. Everyone should be as well prepared as possible for this important mission.
Even if it’s no longer in the news: every day, people risk their lives to escape poverty, hunger, terror, torture and war. We are on the move for them.
Because every life counts.

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