MISSION LIFELINE is looking for a Captain/Head of Operation/Head of Mission

May 24, 2022

From August 26 to September 23, 2022, MISSION LIFELINE is looking for a Captain/Head of Operation/Head of Mission.


As a captain, you assume overall management of the ship in port and during operations and are legally responsible for the ship and its crew. You are available to the crew as a contact person at all times. You organize and manage all nautical operations, check the safety of the ship, analyze weather reports, coordinate watch schedules, maintain VHF communication from ship to port authorities and ship to ship and are responsible for the ship’s log. Furthermore, your duties include the organization of the bunkering and crew lists. You brief and train the crew for SAR operations. You coordinate and conduct safety trainings (fire, water intrusion, uninvited guests on board, person overboard). You create watch and task schedules and are responsible for the emergency roll. You work closely with 1st and 2nd officer/Head of Mission.


  • EU/EWR-National
  • valid certificate of competency captain (worldwide navigation according to STCW convention or SBF Sea)
  • SRC or Longe Range Certificate or General Operators Certificate or equivalent Radio License acc. to STCW-Agreement
  • Experienced in operationg communication systems such as Inmarsat, NAVTEX etc.
  • Very good English language skills
  • Experience with ship watch, navigation and handling of vessels.
  • sound meteorological knowledge
  • Experience with operating professional radar systems
  • Good knowledge of safety equipment on ships
  • Readiness to participate in the watch system (shift operation 24h/d)
  • Physical and mental resilience


  • Italian language skills
  • Spanish language skills
  • Work experience on seagoing vessels

Head of Operation/HOM

As an operations head, you are responsible for the entire team and coordinate the rescue operations. You lead the team, ensure the flow of information between the bridge and the deck and take care of the preparation and follow-up of the operations.
In close coordination with the deck manager, you lead the rescue operations and pass on all important information to the bridge. Furthermore, you are responsible for the internal communication with MISSION LIFELINE and for the external communication with other NGOs, ships or governmental institutions during the mission and coordinate them.

Your additional tasks include:

  • With captain and officer, the briefing of the crew on the equipment on the bridge, the operation of the radios, the operation of the ship’s mooring ropes, the watch system and the safety plans (fire, water ingress, person overboard, unwelcome guests).
  • Assisting the crew with their tasks
  • The mission planning and discussion of the operations with the crew
  • The organization of trainings and the preparation of briefings for the crew
  • The preparation of mission reports and the documentation of the missions (in cooperation with the bridge team)
  • The coordination and execution of the handover in the process of crew changes


  • Experience in the Central Mediterranean in the Search-and-Rescue sector.
  • Fundamental understanding of the work areas on board
  • Good knowledge of the situation in the operational region as well as the situation in the neighboring countries
  • Ability to lead and guide a team
  • Ability to work under pressure and deal with unexpected events
  • Ability to coordinate multiple teams in parallel, even under stressful conditions
  • Organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Ability and willingness to organize trainings for the team
  • Readiness to perform maintenance work on the ship and to take care of guests on board
  • Very good (intercultural) communication skills
  • Strong social skills and ability to work in a team
  • Physical and mental resilience
  • Very good English language skills
  • Sport boat license Sea (SBF Sea) and VHF radiotelephone certificate, or higher patents


  • Good German language skills
  • Good Italian language skills
  • Good Spanish language skills
  • Good Arab language skills
  • Basic Safety Training (STCW)
  • Experience with working in humanitarian crisis situations
  • Experience in high sea navigation

Applications please send to crew@mission-lifeline.de

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