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Would you like to actively support our MISSION LIFELINE?

The following positions ar for people who want to join our sea-crew:

Captain- Responsible for the ship in the harbour and during search and rescue (SAR missions)


Own at least a sport coaster license, better high sea sport boat license, Yachtmaster qualification or STCW certificates


  • Minimum 2.500 nm sailed as skipper, or watch captain at sea
  • Previous experience with ships of similar length
  • Radio certificate (min. SRC, better LRC)
  • STWC Security training

1st Officer – Steersman

Responsible of the organisation of the vessel management, ship operations, security onboard and crew training. 

Conditions: At least a sport boating licence, otherwise, same conditions as the captain. 

2nd – 3 Officer – Steersman

24h watch captains at sea.

Responsible of safe sailing, navigation, radio communications, watch, etc. 


  • Minimum a sport boat license at sea,
  • Experience of 500-1.000 nm as skipper or watch captain at sea
  • Possible previous experience with ships of that length
  • Radio certificate (min. SRC, better LRC) 

1st Mechanic/Engineer 

Responsible of safe handling of the engine, engine room management, and all other core machines (generators, pumps, compressors, cranes) onboard.

STCW Certificate is an advantage.

2nd Engineer

Supporting the 1st mechanic, you will assist in the necessary maintenance and repairing operations. 


Responsible of the deck management (ropes, cranes/lifting devices, anchor, etc.)


  • Previous experience with rope manipulations in the harbour
  • Previous experience with ships of similar length

Medical crew

Paramedics and doctors needed.


We are looking for someone ready to cook 2-3 meals per day for the crew, but also for guests onboard if needed. 

The cook should plan meals for the entire duration of the mission and is responsible of food shopping. 

Cultural mediator

Cultural mediator is responsible of the first approach to migrant boats in distress, and therefore needs strong English, French and Arabic skills. We are looking for someone that can react quickly in case of emergency situations, with an ability to demonstrated kindness and strong social skills onboard a rapid rescue boat. 

RIB Drivers

RIB driver will be craned out along with the speedboat to drive to the boat in distress. We are looking for someone able to work under pressure. 


  • ICC RYA Powerboat Level 2 is a considerable advantage. 
  • All crew members should be prepared to assist in any task related to the rescue operations and any task that should be carried out previously. 


Send your application as PDF to crew@mission-lifeline.de




Axel Steier

Paramedic, sociologist and retailer


"What should I tell my children one day when they asked me, what I have done to this tragedy? And I could not look into the mirror anyway."

Marie Naass

Parliamentary assistant at European Parliament

"How is it possible that the borders of the Europe of the 21st century are among the deadliest in the world? This should be unacceptable for all of us.“

Sören Moje


31 years old

Schiffsbetriebstechniker & Seilzugangstechniker,
Technischer Leiter für Mission Lifeline,

"Ich habe den Glauben an die Politik verloren, es ist Zeit zu handeln"

Hermine Poschmann


crew selection & graphic design

 „Living in a world where exploitation and affluence are normal there are just a few meaningful things that we can do for future viability of our society - humanitarian aid is only part of it but more important than ever." 

Hinzu kommen viele Mitglieder und Freiwillige - vom Kapitän über den Feuerwehrmann bis zum Steuerberater. Alle bringen ihre fachlichen Kompetenzen bei unseren Rettungsmissionen ein!



Ob Sie als Partnerstadt eine Spendenaktion starten, ein Benefizkonzert organisieren oder eine unserer Spendenboxen verteilen - Sie sind ein wichtiges Glied in unserer Rettungskette!

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